Element Case Vapor Pro: Black Ops — Review

Making the upgrade from a 3Gs to the 4s was a significant step, and in finally getting my hands on that sleek slab of a handset that hadn’t changed in physical design since the iPhone 4, I was intent on protecting my new device… in style.

I had eyed an Element case a long time ago from a Gizmodo post, and once again when my friend Ruggels donned one, and had already pretty much set my heart on their brand. I needed little more persuasion than “Limited Edition” to arrive at my decision.

IT’S SUEDE. How can you go wrong with suede? Well, attaching it via adhesive backing to the phone surfaces seemed somewhat sketchy, but it works. Of course we’ll see how it holds up over time, but application was straightforward enough. I would, however, in retrospect, wait until after attaching the aluminum bumpers before dropping the appliques in place.

The section that covers the earpiece has a surprisingly nice feel, and I am curious about how the texture will hold up to body oil. Time will tell.

The machined body has a very nice finish, and the included hardware (with two spare screws) fits as expected.

The transparent plastic section reminded me distinctly of the AGV Ti-Tech Industriale helmet I purchased years back, something about that tone of yellow, hinting at aramids or kevlar. Intoxicating.

The kit included a nice tool, a fancy case I will never use, and a display cover which I will keep as a spare, since I was already covered. While the value of the case is debatable at MSRP, it is finely crafted, made in the USA, and makes you believe you’re ready for some sort of night op. With your iPhone.

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