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Long Time, Stranger

Hey there.

If you’re reading this, then WOW you are officially awesome. Thanks for visiting. Yes, my blog still exists. No, I have not updated it in QUITE some time.

Yes, I am still in school, and working full time. And taking on many projects.

I’ve been in my new apartment for a year now, and am making the most of having a garage. Despite recovering from a bulged lumbar disc, I have managed two major engine overhauls, a few cooling system refreshes, and a healthy handful of electronics projects. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have a garage?

I think I might put a little time in here and there, writing updates to fill you (whoever you are) in on what’s going on in my life. You know, without divulging any actual details since this is the internet. And yes, internet is still dangerous. No hacks in the past while, but that must simply mean I’m not on anyone’s radar presently. Hoping to keep it that way!

A decent while back, I sold the 5DMKII at the height of the market before the MKIII was released. I couldn’t live without a DSLR, and while I have since replaced the 5 with 7D, shooting in APS-C is just not the same as full frame. I WANT my full frame back. When the time is right, I will strike.

Except now, I’m saving nickels and dimes… because there is a wedding coming in 2014. Yup, you heard it right here, and not on Facebook. If you are excited by this, leave me a comment!

Well I’m Certainly Excited

What a Bizarre Arrangement of Concepts

Website Update

The site has been fully secured now, since the breach. I have chosen to move to a new gallery. Slideshow Pro.  It’s nice. Check it out here.

I suppose this represents a major move forward, in that I am using a paid product for presenting my photos. It wasn’t really a hard decision once I discovered that it included a Lightroom export plugin, which significantly streamlined my workflow.

I was somewhat disappointed by the support references available from the product website, although I was able to rip the functions I needed out of another user’s page, linked to from their “examples” section. So, all’s well which ends well.

On Hackers was hacked this past week, due to a vulnerability in a third party tool used in Zenphoto gallery. The issue has been corrected and all functionality has been restored. My apologies to anyone who visited the site while it was compromised.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that could have been done to prevent this, and as soon as I found out it had happened, I took the site down in order to correct the issue.

Thank you for your patience while I worked to rebuild my site.

You can never backup your data too often. Remember that.

And you should always run software updates on your PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, toasters, and other electronic devices. Firmware gets released for a reason.

That is all.

Ride the Alps

Element Case Vapor Pro: Black Ops — Review

Making the upgrade from a 3Gs to the 4s was a significant step, and in finally getting my hands on that sleek slab of a handset that hadn’t changed in physical design since the iPhone 4, I was intent on protecting my new device… in style.

I had eyed an Element case a long time ago from a Gizmodo post, and once again when my friend Ruggels donned one, and had already pretty much set my heart on their brand. I needed little more persuasion than “Limited Edition” to arrive at my decision.

IT’S SUEDE. How can you go wrong with suede? Well, attaching it via adhesive backing to the phone surfaces seemed somewhat sketchy, but it works. Of course we’ll see how it holds up over time, but application was straightforward enough. I would, however, in retrospect, wait until after attaching the aluminum bumpers before dropping the appliques in place.

The section that covers the earpiece has a surprisingly nice feel, and I am curious about how the texture will hold up to body oil. Time will tell.

The machined body has a very nice finish, and the included hardware (with two spare screws) fits as expected.

The transparent plastic section reminded me distinctly of the AGV Ti-Tech Industriale helmet I purchased years back, something about that tone of yellow, hinting at aramids or kevlar. Intoxicating.

The kit included a nice tool, a fancy case I will never use, and a display cover which I will keep as a spare, since I was already covered. While the value of the case is debatable at MSRP, it is finely crafted, made in the USA, and makes you believe you’re ready for some sort of night op. With your iPhone.

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun | Iceland from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

Rennsport IV – Anticipation Builds